Workers' Compensation

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Have you suffered an on-the-job injury? Are you having trouble receiving the medical treatment you need? Are you trying to navigate the complex world of workers' compensation? Don't worry. Call the experienced professionals at Michael Finerty Attorney At Law today.
Workers' Compensation

Don't Take No for an Answer

Many people who have been injured at workplace assume that a denial of benefits is the end of the road. Don't fall into this trap. Call our office and get aFREE consultation.Find out what avenues of appeal are still open for you. We'll fight with you every step of the way.
Workers' Compensation

Let Us Help You

  • Get your weekly workers' compensation checks
  • Sign up for permanent partial disability
  • Obtain the medical attention you need
  • Appeal denials
  • Navigate the complications
  • Understand your rights

How Else Can We Help You?

You'll find many valuable services at Michael Finerty Attorney At Law, including help with personal injury cases, assistance with social security disability, and legal advice on insurance disputes. Today is the day to set up your FREE consultation.
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You're not alone. Get help with your workers' compensation case today!
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